Paradox crypto scam – what you should know

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As you may already know, the cryptocurrency world is susceptible to various types of scamming schemes. If you follow crypto news regularly, you are definitely aware of this threat. Also, crypto is tightly linked to the Youtube influencers scene since the latter represents great marketing support. Just recently, we could witness Ishowspeed YouTuber and gaming influencer being backlashed by his followers for a promotional stream related to the Paradox Meta project. Paradox crypto scam has been in the limelight lately, so let’s look and see what it was all about. 

Paradox crypto scam – what it’s all about

Darren Watkins’s “IShowSpeed” has been the subject of discussions in the streaming scene for the last weeks since advancing a crypto scam on his YouTube transfer on November 16. A digital currency project called Paradox Metaverse that supported the stream has been blamed by many people locally and past for being a scam business with the exemplary signs of a crypto pump and dump.

Well-known YouTuber and self-declared scam investigator Coffeezilla defied the project showrunners on Livestream and later delivered a video communicating his interests. IShowSpeed apologized for the stream sometime later, energetically guaranteeing that he had no evil expectations and wasn’t a scammer.

IShowSpeed was a host of a stream supported by the Paradox Metaverse digital money project.

The YouTube sensation has had a fleeting ascent to notoriety as of late, having gained more than 13 million endorsers on and drawing in huge numbers of enthusiastic fans who check out a watch of his streams routinely. The 17-year-old is no stranger to these kinds of controversies. Previously, he has been banned on the Twitch platform for his controversial comments and banished from all games made by Twitch for exceptionally misogyny remarks.

Who is Ishowspeed, and what does he have to do with the Paradox crypto scam?

Paradox crypto scam

His real name is Darren Watkins Jr. He is an American streamer born on January 21, 2005. He is better known to Internet users by the nickname Ishowspeed or Speedy. In addition to being a musician, Speed ​​is a broadcaster of various live content. He is also known for his eccentric and outlandish personality on gaming and entertainment live streams.

Darren first created his YouTube account on March 21, 2016. He made his first video post on December 21, 2017. Exactly one year later, the young streamer released his first Fortnite Live Stream. Note that it only recorded an average of two viewers at this time. However, his community grew daily as he streamed video games live (NBA 2k and Fortnite Battle Royale). In 2020, it averaged ten viewers in its live broadcasts and 150 new subscribers per week.

Ishowspeed is totally in line with the new generation, which is developing its audience away from traditional media. Its goal? Make views, but rather on Youtube by making videos, gain notoriety and followers every day.

IShowspeed hosted a stream supported by the crypto project Paradox.

The football and Ronaldo superfan were in the UK to get the Portuguese star to play. He didn’t get to see Cristiano Ronaldo despite going to two Manchester United matches.

During his visit to Britain, the YouTuber facilitated a transfer that was supported by the digital money project Paradox, which made a PTE open-world game on the blockchain.

While offering a lot of PS5s on stream, IShowSpeed’s sponsors flaunted their game and digital money, saying it will undoubtedly turn into “the biggest crypto coin in the world,” a paradox coin. The steamer’s supporters were not exactly ready as a progression of copypastas began dissing it as a fraud. The sponsors had been left upset, and they called on You tuber to close the chats.

While the stream had begun to get out and about on the web, what occurred next just intensified the allegations. Coffeezilla, a YouTuber whose content spins around uncovering crypto projects, defied the supposed scammers.

The very nearly two-hour-long discussion was enough for Coffeezilla and countless individuals on the web to be certain that the venture was, in any event, a Ponzi Plan with its members promoting techniques and pyramid schemes.

Paradox project – pump and dump scheme

Paradox project - pump and dump scheme

The YouTuber was frustrated with the community’s reaction to the metaverse project and shared their thoughts on the matter. 

The game’s narrative is an important aspect of the player experience, and Paradox Studios has promised a complex and interesting storyline with powerful themes. “IShowSpeed” Wattson experienced harsh criticism for advancing a claimed “crypto scam.” He was joined by a few followers, including a Cristiano Ronaldo carbon copy, to sign PlayStation 5 consoles and advance a metaverse project called

IshowSpeed Livestream “surprise

IshowSpeed held a live stream titled “surprise,” during which he was surrounded by merchandise and advertising material for the metaverse project. He was joined by a spokesperson who made claims about the project’s potential, prompting the IShowSpeed community to label it a “crypto scam.” Following this, the community started asking where the promised “surprise” was, after which the spokesperson hinted that it would only be revealed if the project received enough impressions.

In the heat of the moment, the IShowSpeed channel ​​kept requiring its users to follow the project’s socials, saying, “Everyone is following Paradox meta. Please follow them so I can see what it is.

Then, the popular YouTuber got a donation, saying, “Nobody is trolling Speed; the guys are simply crooks. IShowSpeed ​​was immediately frustrated with its community for calling out the metaverse project saying, “That’s a stupid comment. Next, the YouTuber signed off on more PlayStation 5s and shared his community’s thoughts on the project.

IShowSpeed’s community then called it out for advertising and promoting paradox metaverse “crypto scam” supposedly operating as a “pump and dump,” with several members going so far as to call IShowSpeed, “IPumpNDump.”

For the uninitiated, a “pump and dump” is an illegal type of securities fraud. The prices of blockchain-based assets are intentionally raised (i.e., “pumped”) relying on false data, then later sold (“dumped”) by the first users (often the creators) for profit. In some cases, this scheme causes the asset value to effectively drop to zero (also known as a “rug pull”), causing late adopters to lose all their money.

IShowSpeed ​​has not officially responded to the online backlash. However, he has deleted all the streams related to the promotion of Paradox Crypto and all the social posts promoting this project.

About Paradox Metaverse


London-based Paradox Studios launched Paradox Metaverse, an open-world adventure PTE game based on Unreal Engine 5. It offers many unique features and perks for its users.

Paradox Studios has the ambition to improve the market for blockchain-based games. Thus, for several years, its teams have been working on developing the Metaverse gaming landscape. The latter uses the latest blockchain-based technologies to create a new “play-to-earn gaming model.” 

The game integrates an activity-loaded story with a third-individual shooter and fights royale highlights. It puts a specific accentuation on player customization. Thusly, these can communicate their thoughts through their in-game characters, adding to the metaverse experience all in all.

The creators have consistently kept up with their desired plan to make a game like well-known open-world games, yet with the execution of blockchain innovations. They said that current blockchain games don’t focus on illustrations and narration. This, at last, frustrates the general gaming experience.

Paradox coins and Paradox NFTs

The PTE usefulness has been made sense of top to bottom by pioneer Amio Talio in an explainer-style video, “The Para Guide,” which is accessible to observe now through the Paradox YouTube channel. Fundamentally, players should initially buy an NFT character from the limited NFT collections. NFTs will permit gamers to get to play to acquire missions, and upon fulfillment, they will be compensated with the game’s local cash “P-bucks,” which can then be traded for game digital money $PARA.

As found in the absolute most famous gaming projects to date, storytelling is an extraordinarily significant part of the gamer experience. Paradox metaverse studios have supported this component and have guaranteed players and users that the game will highlight an intricate and fascinating storyline that integrates strong topics like treachery, kinship, and complex person improvement curves that can be uncovered as players progress through the game.

Final thoughts – Is Paradox crypto a scam?

After all said, you might still be wondering if Paradox crypto is a scam. Despite the whole buzz provoked by the Ishowsped promotional stream, the Paradox crypto is not a scam. Calling it the next Bitcoin or the biggest crypto in the world was kind of pretentious and sounded quite an over-promotion. So it’s not a surprise there were many people suspecting its legitimacy. However, it’s a legitimate project launched by Paradox studios with the aim of revamping the blockchain gaming sphere and offering the best possible gaming experience to its users. It’s another addition to the PTE games, where NFT holders will be rewarded with Paradox cryptocurrency. There are no direct signs that the project is a scam or a Ponzi scheme. 

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