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TIME TO CONTACT A LAWYER SO SORRY FOR THE LANGUAGE I have been notified that I my name has finally came up for the Locust Landing apartments in Red Bank. I dont even own a fork! Is there anything your organization can do for me I dont even own a fork! December 29, 2010 Hoping that someone will listen to me! I was so GRATEFUL to live in such a beautiful home, where I dont have to worry about whether or not the lights are going to be on when I come home. I was so APPRECIATIVE to have roommates that I have never met before to talk to when I dont want to talk to family or friends. I never wanted to rock the boat because Easter Seals has been great to me. But I was living in Fear. I had told been telling Easter Seals for almost two years about one of the people I share the home with one of the woman and unfortunately they have not been listening to me or anyone that has complained before me. I feel she is bullying me along with the Easter Seals program. I have asked them what does she have on you guys? She has been living in this home for almost ten years and has ran everyone out of the home and is so good at it, , even the Police Officer that I filed a the report with said to me they have been called over here several time, she knows how to work the system. She might know how to work the system, but this is my life I am talking about! I am 48 years old I dont have they many tomorrows left. I have been told by Case Managers that when so and so lived there she gave xxxx a run for her money. Just dont feed into her! My skin is not that thick! It has always been my goal to stay here until I can obtain my own housing. I pray that this note will bring attention to what has been going on here (being bullied) and to help all those that come after me. I was forced to communicate with her because -during the blizzard of 2010, I started digging my car out and asked Caroline when she was leaving because I was putting my van in the driveway behind her work car (SHE HAS TWO CARS HERE, HER WORK CAR THAT TAKES UP ALL OF THE GARAGE, AND HER PERSONAL CAR THAT IS PARKED IN FRONT OF THE HOME THAT HAS NOT BEEN DRIVEN IN A YEAR) so the plowing can be done. This sent her into such an angry, violent, and scary rage , the conversation went like this DONT SAY NOTHING TO ME YOU NASTY DIRTY B*TCH. I WILL F*CK YOU IN THIS MOTHERF*CKER. YOU ANIT SH*T, YOUR SON ANIS SH*T YOU ARE A F*CKIN PUNK . WHAT KIND OF F*CKIN MOTHER ARE YOU. YOUR SON DONT EVEN COME AND SEE YOU CANT EVEN HELP YOUR SON COME ON B*TCH LETS JUST FIGHT NOBODY HAS TO KNOW, I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW WHO BOSS AROUND THIS MOTHER F*CKER. YOU NAPPY HEAD B*TCH WHY DONT YOU TAKE THAT F*CKING WIG OFF AND DO YOUR F*CKIN HAIR YOU BALD HEADED B*TCH. YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER IS AND D*KE AND YOU GRANDSON IS A PUERTO RICAN F*GOT. Then she gets on the phone screaming at the top of her lungs. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS B*TCH! What kind of person does this? My grandchildren are 2 and 3. I was so scared I had to call the Police. I have never been called so many b*tches in my life–I just starting praying aloud because it was like looking at Lucifer himself. JESUS! JESUS I have never been in a fight my life. And the things she said to me cut like a knife. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME SHE HAS THREATEN ME WITH VIOLENCE. LAST YEAR SHE CAME INTO MY ROOM TELLING ME HOW SHE WAS GOING TO F*CK ME UP. Easter Seals had a table meeting with us and she admitted right in front of the Case Managers I admit that I was hostile and I apologize. Facts:-In my opinion she has stolen everything out of the house that is not nailed down. Easter Seals told me that they could not just accuse her of this. And my response was at least take an inventory of what should be here and what is here. -The drug bags that I found in the dryer. Told Easter Seals about this and nothing was done. I was going to save the bags as proof and they disappear out of my jewelry box. -xxxx goes to the food pantry in Red Bank to eat lunch, I grew up in Red Bank and she tells anyone that will listen to her about me. I stay to myself no one not even my family knows that I live in a Easter Seals home. I share my room with xxxx and I was asking her one night that is she could possible wash up a little bit more privately. xxxx interjected yeah somebody told me you did the same thing at the shelter, stood in the middle of the room wiping your a**! I guess I am not entitled to any privacy (hippa) because I have a mental health diagnosis.-The night the sheriff surrounded the house to serve a restraining order against her son that is not on the lease.-The phone rings 24 hours a day – I dont even answer the phone because I have been questioned by her callers as to xxxxx whereabouts. I am so scared of her I would hate to give out any information so I just do not use the house phone. Her family and friends come over anytime of the day. While making coffee in the morning, I have actually let her son in at 6am. Apparently all you have to do is say Easter Seals at the gate and security will let every jealous wife (shes so proud of the long term relationship she has had with a married man from Asbury Park) drug dealer, thug or rapist come right up to the front door and ring the door bell. This made me extremely uncomfortable being that I had no bra or anything on. And all of her company has to pass by my bedroom in order to get to hers and the whole time they are talking and cursing as loud as she does.-I keep being told by Easter Seals that I am entitled to live in peace had no one has the right to jeopardize the harmony of the house. The (bullying) slamming, banging, stomping, and threatening behavior has cause my nerves to be on edge. My cell ring can rings and I am jumping all over the place. I have seen Easter Seals scramble the living situation because of her. When I first came here they moved a lady by the name of Wanda out of this home and into the one I originally was suppose to move because of her.(bullying) Easter Seals has been ok with her monopolizing the garage because apparently Carolines commercial vehicle is not suppose to be in the development, Easter Seals can get fined for this. So that just leaves the rest of us who might want to store something in there or do a simple thing like take the garbage out in a bind. -She does everybodys clothes washing she able to get the clothes in and out because her work car is in the garage adjacent to the laundry room. I reported this to Easter Seals too especially because we had a bedbug problems. . I feel no one is paying attention to me because I suffer from depression. If you tell me how to fight this fight I will until then I will stay locked up in my room and pray through my tears that nothing serious will happen. I am hoping by putting this to paper that some one will finally realize how dangerous this woman is. What do I have to do before someone pays attention. I feel that I am being BULLIED BY CAROLINE HARDWICK. I thank you in advance for you time and attention in this matter. Easter Seals called me to schedule a table meeting. This has not been working, xxxxx thrives on this and loves the chaos by her own admission. Sincerely, living in FEAR-Marcie Sunday, January 2, 2011 @ 11:00am Just today, I came out of my room to get my uniform out of the dryer, (ALL I HAD ON WAS MY BATHROBE!) and there was a savory character in the kitchen. I was extremely uncomfortable, especially because I did not know there was a man in the house. I just ran back in my room until they were left.. You would think with the pending meeting she wouldnt do something like this. I guess she is the boss around here! I dug up my lease: The tenant shall not unreasonably annoy, disturb, inconvenience, or interfere with quiet enjoyment of any other tenant or nearby resident including (without limitation) the use of threat and violence. HUD PERMANENT HOUSING HOUSE RULES: Tenant Conduct: Tenants muse not engage in conduct that interferes with the rights of other tenant to enjoy residence properly and peacefully or cause conditions that are dangerous, hazards, threatening, unsanitary and or otherwise in the building. VERBAL THREAT OR ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR ARE NOT ALLOWED. No weapons, fights, or violence is allowed. Easter Seals New Jersey, is committed to promoting a safe and recovery-oriented environment for all tenants. Guest shall do nothing, which interferes with the use and quiet enjoyment of other tenants on the premises. They offered to move me, however, the same thing will happen to the one after me! More importantly the police have been over there on a constant basis, from what I hear knifes are being thrown. I just want to step out on faith and try doing this thing call like on my on! She is running the Easter Seals Program! July 22, 2011-They did absolutely nothing, never contacted me to let me know ANYTHING! SHE told me she received warning letter, and shortly after said to me whatever you tried to do b***h did not work! My name has come up for low income housing at the Locust Landing apartments in Red Bank and I am hoping to get some HELP WITH THIS. October 10, 2011 Now I am missing a diamond gold ring, its not worth much but it meant a lot to me because it was a gift. Last time I saw it was on Saturday morning when I took it off to take a shower. The only people that was in the house was me and Caroline. I have filed a police report last night and will be contacting Easter Seals today. In her own words she will take something in a heartbeat. I have seen her take perfume testers right on the shelves I dont know why….Jaime, the outreach director never calls me back when I leave her messages. A few months ago I opted OUT case management, because the case manager Jennifer Taglino in my opinion is naive. I say this because when I go to her for support her answer is always I dont know. For example I want to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits, she does not know how. She told me last year that she applied for a housing voucher, and now she does not remember how she did it or who she sent it to, If I ask her to take me to my medical appointments she tells me no, so instead of getting upset I did not see any reason to sit and talk to her every two weeks. Caroline says he kiss a*s to get what she want and apparent it has worked with Easter sear Own words, F*CK EASTER SEALS, WHITE MOTHER F*CKER – I WILL CONTINUE TO KISS THEIR A** TO GET WHAT I WANT. Stuff gets off by moving stuff around, I told who ever would listen that she is a dangerous person and should not be living in a situation like this. I have been living here for three years and have never has one complaint against, perhaps my rent being late thats it. I am hoping and PRAYING that someone would go to the Easter Seals office and check HOW MANY TIMES THERE HAVE BEEN COMPLAINTS AGAINST HER…..GO TO EASTER SEALS AND SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE THAT HAVE MOVED BECAUSE OF HER. I really thought things were getting bearable, you just dont know whats going to set her off. Again Easter Seals offered to move me around the corner, from what I hear its is worst over there….knifes being thrown at each other WHO IS RUNNING THIS PROGRAM….I believe its CAROLINE AND the DEVIL!!!! David Dean nor Jaime has called me back, I have LEFT messages. I GUESS NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO ME BECAUSE I SUFFER FROM DEPRESSION AND I AM BIPOLAR, DARE I SAY BECAUSE I AM AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN! I am being forced to obtain a lawyer and take this matter to the social networking sites! David Dean practically told me to kiss it up or move out! October 13, 2011 Caroline started again tonight, she even went as far as calling the police, she put on such a good act for them, they actually believed her! However, the judge seen right through her. Oct, 27, 2011 For my sanity I have choose to move out of the home and now I am homeless going from sofa to sofa. EASTER SEALS NEVER CONTACTED ME! Now its time to contact a lawyer. For my sanity I have choose to move out of the home and now I am homeless going from sofa to sofa. EASTER SEALS NEVER CONTACTED ME! Now its time to contact a lawyer. I feel as if the entire system is failing me, and I have did nothing. I feel sorry for the next one to come into that home! Mr. Brian Fitzgerald, CEO 732-257-6662 CEO Easter Seals, NJ

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